Friday, September 19, 2008

Tween Trip Terrain

It is rare for this Cat to be truly still. When not on the road, often planning for the next journey. Travel addicted souls do thrive on the movement itself, but just thinking about where to go can get one through a physically static period.

No secret to those who know me, that throughout my life travel has played a major role. Ever since my 1st international solo trip from 1966-68. The bug took hold and I became obsessed with exploring this planet we call earth--the nooks, crannies and private corners that make it so fascinating and overwhelmingly awesome.

How to do this became a game of sorts. Time to put together a mosaic that would work for me. What evolved was a life-cycle juggling act between educational basic requirements, work diversions to fulfill budget needs and ultimately my traveling ambitions.

Just to complicate things a bit, I wasn't satisfied with a traditional 2-3 week package blitz that some delusional people call travel. I eschew the practice of running around from place to place on someone else's schedule. I want to do more than just observe the world; I want to understand. That takes more time and personal involvement but reaps untold rewards.

When I had to work sometimes 2-3 years to save the money for a journey, I indulged in long trips of between 1-2 years. It is true that the longer you travel the less it actually costs. Time indeed does become money.

Now in my retirement the juggling act no longer plays a role. I don't have to stop for work anymore. I simply have to stop to readjust the budget from time to time. So the key at this stage in my life is to settle down somewhere kind on both the budget and the soul. Thailand is a great place for that.

So now I lay low in Chiang Mai, Thailand and travel in half-year stretches. I can feed my addiction and go easy on my pocketbook all at the same time.

Still the question is...

Just what do grounded nomads do between trips?

Tune in & Find out!! Still Life With Cat!!

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