Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Memoirs of a Solo Traveler

It's now official. Book #2, If You Haven't Been Pinched...You Haven't Been to Rome, is now LIVE as the publisher likes to say and will soon be available. Estimated time 2-3 weeks. And after they told me I would have to pay if I wanted to include the index, it came through on the galleys at no charge. Yeah!

It's been four years since I published my first book, Safari na Paka, and I hope these new stories will be as well recieved.

How I ever came to write and publish stories of my travels is another story all in itself that goes directly back to my long time friend, Vicki Ramirez. But putting the history of it all aside, I am having fun reliving my years of travel through these stories. I do hope you will enjoy them.

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