Friday, March 6, 2009

bpai Amerika

Dreams do get interrupted by reality from time to time. We can face up to reality or go back to our dream life--we do have that choice.

However, some realities require a face-off and just such a reality has cropped up in my life. Two negatives involved--family and finances; rates a double F! Enough said!
I'll spare you the details 'cause they suck, but don't change the fact that I am flying out to the US just in time to celebrate St. Pat's. Perhaps a dose of green beer and Irish stew will take some of the sting out of the trip.


Yes, even downers have a few ups. A full-on Oregon spring with crocuses, daffodils, azaleas, etc., is not a bad thing to experience. I'm well acquainted with them and they have a special spot in my heart.

But the real reward comes when I get to miss Songkran and the intense heat in Thailand that moves in this time of year, along with the air quality alerts from the field burning. For two years now I couldn't get away early enough to skip all that. So at least I'll be dry and breathing free come mid-April.

It's an open question whether I'll post to the blog while I'm away. It wouldn't qualify under "Catstayshome" now would it? It's "Cattravels" but not really. In a category all by itself, so the question then is, "Would it require a new and separate blog?" Maybe I could post one of my old rants on Songkran and pretend like I'm there.

Whatever... I'll be back soon. Chiang Mai is always calling!

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