Sunday, November 2, 2008

The World is Watching

With the election so close I’ve been obsessively lurking on political message boards. I read on a newsvine board, where GOP neocons rant and rave invoking 4-letter expletives, a reference to Presidential IQ’s. Moderate to liberal Dems were accused of clustering in the low double digits by one insulting blogger.

What a hoot! Reminded me of a game I played last year at Christmas where we had a list of Presidential IQ’s from FDR up to GW and the challenge was to match them. I was off on most, but actually did win. There were two outliers that defied the averages. Taking those scores out of the summation, the lowest Democrat score is 10 points above the highest Republican score. (The two outliers, by the way, were LBJ and Richard Nixon. Tricky really was smart, which probably contributed to his paranoia which did him in at the end.)

For the record, Dems average is 162: Repubs is 107. Rather a dramatic difference!

Worse news for the GOP is that over the last three decades, the scores have been decreasing. Not a good trend.

Now I know you can argue that IQ is just a contrived arbitrary number, but it is one factor in the overall scheme of intelligent sentience accepted within the confines of historical US educational standards.

In TWO DAYS the US electorate gets to select the new Commander-in-Chief. I sent in my vote by registered mail over three weeks ago and I voted for the vibrant smart one. I didn’t have any IQ scores to go by, but looking at the bios and the educational background made my choice easy. Watching the campaigns as this election has progressed confirmed my choice LOUD & CLEAR.

So if you voted early, that’s great. If not go out on Tuesday and Vote Smart.

Yes We Can!! Obama/Biden ‘08

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